Ana-María Rizzuto and the Psychoanalysis of Religion

The Road to the Living God
by Ana María Rizzuto, John McDargh, Mario Aletti & others
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Publisher: Lexington Books

Publication Date: August 24, 2017

ISBN: 9781498564250

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The Birth of the Living God, contributors to this international collection of essays confirm the significance of Rizzuto’s contributions to psychoanalytic theories of religious experience. They also underscore Rizzuto’s most important contribution to clinical practice: rather than assert that psychoanalysis is incompatible with religious beliefs and practices or with spiritual concerns that patients may bring to a therapeutic context, Rizzuto makes room for the coexistence of psychoanalysis and religion in the therapeutic setting. Accompanied by illuminating commentaries by Rizzuto, the essays in this volume address a range of topics: developmental processes associated with God representations, psychotherapeutic treatment models informed by Rizzuto’s theory, the practice of psychotherapy in contexts shaped by Eastern religious traditions, monstrous referents in God representations, and the psychoanalysis of religion in light of the new atheism. Demonstrating how Rizzuto’s work has enhanced connections within and among psychoanalytic theories of religion, established pathways for new developments in psychotherapy, and facilitated interdisciplinary conversations, this volume showcases the compelling power of Rizzuto’s work and its ongoing influence.