An ideal husband

by Oscar Wilde

Publisher: Youcanprint

Publication Date: January 19, 2018

ISBN: 9788827806647

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An ideal husband is an Oscar Wilde's 1895 drama that revolves around blackmail and political corruption and touches the themes of public and private honor. The action is set in London, in ""the present"", and takes place over the course of twenty-four hours and it revolves around the lives of two men, successful political figure Sir Robert Chiltern and his friend, the utterly charming Lord Arthur Goring. Chiltern's life is perfect thanks to the presence of the loving and brilliant wife Gerturde and the support of her half-sister Mabel. Goring's life is to relax, flirt with Mabel and avoid the request of his father who would like him to marry. The world of these men is upset by the arrival of an old acquaintance, Mrs. Laura Cheveley. Chiltern could lose everything, including Gertrude. It is up to his wife and Goring to face this dilemma, but he may risk Goring's chances of finally conquering Mabel. While the comments and lies begin to fly, it is revealed that the man who considers himself perfect is imperfect, the man with all the faults must do something right, and the question remains: what makes an ideal husband?