An Old Pair of Boots

Art and Poetry
by Steve Taylor
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Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: May 09, 2018

ISBN: 9781973625292

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An Old Pair of Boots showcases the multitalented Stephen D. Taylor Sr. with delightful poetry, song lyrics, and beautiful artwork within its pages. You will grin or perhaps shed a tear as you read his incredible poems and marvel at the striking images of his watercolor paintings. You will come to know the man who created them.

Steves friend, author and journalist Jo Baeza says, Western Artist Steve Taylor is best known for his watercolors of cowboys and cowboy life, but thats not the half of it. He is also a poet, songwriter, singer and the list goes on. This year he has put all of those talents together to produce a book of some of his favorite watercolors, poems and songs. A poem may come to Steve at any time of day and once he has it in his head, the poem wont go away. There you are. His poetry is contagious!