An Officer's Love Story Volume II

by David T. Hardison
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781465362926

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this is a story about love! The world needs love, more than ever now . . . and I need the forgiving grace of God, truly! And the love of Ghee Ghee (Lucy), to move me away from this lonely, hideous hell, to nearer, and nearer heaven! Because greed hate, arrogance and sin are legislated! And shot into our body, souls and our veins like some small pox or swine flue vaccine . . . and only God’s love grace can turn the hands of time! Because, my heart was left, so cold, alone . . . and abandoned! And for my, poor heart, Gloria, no one can ever, take your place! Shall I not ever kiss you, or touch your waiting hands, or hear you call my name, so tenderly sweet? Was the last time I saw you the last time? If this be so, then . . . what a cold, cruel world, and life I have stumbled into! Can the world see this loneliness reflected in my eyes or on my face, as I choke back the tears, daily? Do they know my love lost? I think I hide it fairly well! But how much longer must I wait? Is it that . . . I’m so very eager, to hold you once more? Come to me and let me put my arms, around you! Closer . . . that I might fill my lungs, with you! And if I can’t have you, in this night-marish waking state, then to hell with it! Then come to me at night, every night, in my dreams! That I may profess my love for you; that I may have my never-ending fill of you! That you may call my name and say “Daa, come and take me right now!” I’m gonna keep waiting . . . and hoping . . . and . . . praying!

Oh dear God, what is this that drives . . . and whirls me so? Between her voluptuous bosoms of pleasure, caressing mounds of luscious lure, with nipples erect, sweeter than grapes for sure! To taste this fruit is heaven! So pleasing to mine eyes, taste, touch, aroma, and I now breathe heavily! Her hair compliments the reflection of the face of the Most High! So beautiful, wet and warm, is this “soul treasure” A gift from God that, I love and long to partake, and be in heaven, even if for a ...