An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming, 2nd Edition

by Kelly Bulkeley Ph.D.
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Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Publication Date: April 16, 2017

ISBN: 9781440857072

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Introducing students at all levels to the key concepts of modern dream psychology, this concise book provides an overview of major theories regarding the formation, function, and interpretation of dreams.

• Explains the historical development of dream psychology across a century of thought and research, from Freudian psychoanalysis to modern neuroscience

• Provides a clear template for analyzing each theory of dream psychology in terms of how it answers the three basic questions of formation, function, and interpretation

• Encourages readers to look carefully at their own dreams as a legitimate source of insight into the dreaming process

• Represents an ideal resource for undergraduate students in introductory psychology classes who need a solid understanding of the psychology of dreaming