An Introduction to the Political Upheaval at Medina on the Death of Muhammad(S.A.W.A) the Prophet of Islam

Islam world

Publisher: meisam mahfouzi

Publication Date: April 13, 2017

ISBN: 1230001636260

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After the passing away of the Prophet of Islam (s.a.w)
It is dear that a group of Muslims gathered at a peace called Saghifah and elected a caliph. How is the analysis and examination on this event? What are this events foundations and structure face? This question has crossed a lot of minds: Has God, who has by means of his dear Prophet, sent down every sort of program and law for man's prosperity in this world and the next, abandoned and forget the Prophet's succession, a main problem and a foundation and pillar, and didn't send, on this matter, any law or explanation? To what extent this election in Saghifah was true and how did the serious attendance of the Muslims really come about? Anyway to the same extent of voting in Saghifah, was there freedom and did an election really take place, and to what extent was there compulsion and force? Did people plan before this to gain the Islamic leadership and put their plan in force? Then, a general and very important question: Does history and narrates traditions from the very beginning of Islam has be such as certain Islamic groups believe - accept and surrender to with closed eyes and without any criticism or investigation.
In this compact book, the author, for his esteemed readers, lists a great many witnesses on the above subjects, and in this manner, on this background, acquaints us with an interesting list of research subjects.