An Injection of Faith

One Addict's Journey to Deliverance
by Anthony Ordille
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Publisher: Anthony Ordille

Publication Date: January 02, 2018

ISBN: 9780999627754

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Do you struggle from addiction or know someone who does? In his inspiring book, An Injection of Faith, Author Anthony Ordille reveals his life of drugs and bar living, showing how he found himself in a place where he had to make a choice-one that would change his life-not once, but twice. After living a compulsive life style, he finally found the truth, and today lives a life of freedom from addiction and will show you how he was delivered from this crippling disease.

Today he has overcome many of the snares and obstacles that held him captive, and continues to work through the negative words that were spoken over his life. Anthony reveals what his childhood was like, how he dealt with his pain, and how he was able to overcome the hurt. He will walk you through the paths he took and how they ended, as well as bringing you through his years spent in recovery and end with some of the happiest times he has experienced.

Anthony hopes that through his life experiences that all who is struggling with addictions will find the truth and follows his lead to a life of hope and forgiveness