An Essay on the Identity and General Resurrection of the Human Body

In Which the Evidences in Favour of These Important Subjects Are Considered, in Relation Both to Philosophy and Scripture
by Samuel Drew

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243701353

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It has been a hackneyed topic with authors to cen sure the ingratitude of the age in which they live. I do not pretend to estimate either the propriety or the impropriety of the charge as it respects others, but experience has taught me a different lesson. Ihave found more reason to be grateful for sup port than' to complain of the want of it and I shall be extremely glad to find that I have given to my numerous Subscribers no occasion to wish that they had withholden what they have now bestowed. To those Ladies and Gentleman, whose names honour and recommend my work, I hold myself.