An Empire in Demise songs to sing during the occurring collapse of Democracy in America

by Old Man Crowe

Publisher: Old Man Crowe

Publication Date: May 09, 2015

ISBN: 9781301289226

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Prologue for an Empire in Demise

Welcome to an Empire in Demise ... these songs express my perceptions and observations of the corrupt, dysfunctional, immoral and the all too common criminal practices and polices
behind the current collapse of America’s democratic Institutions, and the rule of law.

Over the course of the 40 plus years that I’ve been writing songs; the undemocratic nature of these polices and practices have become more and more obvious as the collapse occurs.
Increasingly, as the facade falls away, and certain degrees of pretense become unnecessary; the unelected monied minority and masters of war causing the current demise of democracy
have become less and less veiled. It’s liberating to see past the presentation of such a farce.

In revealing that charade for the false narrative that it is, these songs represent my personal journey through the political and cultural fabrications that we are taught to be manipulated by;
they illustrate my efforts to communicate, as clearly and concisely as possible, those insights.

To the best of my abilities I have strived to align myself with the inspiration behind each song; to work with the initial lyrics and melody in a way that allowed the song to remain true to itself.
And to that end, I have followed the lead of those before me,
in writing lyrics with the intention of being a vehicle for the voice of conscience.

In putting this book together, and in selecting which songs to include, I wanted to present them in as coherent a body of work as possible. A song cycle of some sort; based on their relevance
to each other, or the titles to each other, and the thematic flow from one song to the next. In this way the songs are read sequentially; but I would also recommend reading them selectively.

But since the lyrics of a song are communicated with a greater degree of impact and impression when supported by the emotion and energy of music ...