Amphibians of Britain and Europe

by Christophe Dufresnes

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Publication Date: February 04, 2019

ISBN: 9781472941374

Binding: Paperback

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This photographic field guide is a practical, compact and yet exhaustive reference covering all European amphibian species, from familiar frogs and toads, to exotic salamanders and caecilians.

Amphibians of Britain and Europe covers all 127 species found in the region; each species account describes their appearance, habitat and behaviour, and includes accurate and up-to-date distribution maps, and photos that emphasis key identification features, assisting rapid identification in the field.
Introductory sections describe the general biology of amphibians, their classification, ecology, life-history cycles, diversity and conservation. The species are then described in sections organised by family, with each account covering points of interest such as behaviour, subspecies, eggs and tadpoles and dimorphism, all in rich photographic detail.