Among the Islands

Adventures in the Pacific
by Tim Flannery
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Publisher: The Text Publishing Company

Publication Date: July 25, 2012

ISBN: 9781921961601

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Tim Flannery takes us on an enthralling journey through some of the most diverse and spectacular environments on Earth.

Twenty-five years ago, as a young curator of mammals from the Australian Museum in Sydney, he set out to research the fauna of the Pacific Islands. Starting with a survey of one of the most inaccessible islands in Melanesia - Woodlark, in the Trobriands Group - that young scientist found himself ghost-whispering, snake wrestling, Quadoi hunting and plunged waist-deep into a sludge of maggot-infested faeces in search of a small bat that turned out not to be earth-shatteringly interesting. He includes accounts of discovering, naming and sometimes eating new mammal species; being thwarted or aided by local customs; and historic scientific expeditions.

Among the Islands is the third book in a loose trilogy of Flannery's adventures, following on from the bestselling Throwim Way Leg (1998) and Country (2004).

Tim Flannery has written over a dozen books, including Here on Earth; the award-winning bestsellers The Future Eaters, The Eternal Frontier and The Weather Makers; and his accounts of adventures in Papua New Guinea and Australia, Throwim Way Leg and Country. Tim was the 2007 Australian of the Year.

'Flannery's recollection is part adventure romp and part political history but above all a love letter to nature and science...' Age

'A rollicking adventure story that will entertain amateur zoologists young and old. By populating the narrative with interesting characters as well as fascinating creatures and spectacular environments, Flannery also keeps the story interesting for those without a deep interest in science.' **** (Four-star review) Australian Bookseller and Publisher

'Flannery's own labours in exploring these ...