Amelia & Me

On deafness, and parenting by the seat of my pants
by Melinda Hildebrandt
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Publisher: Agincourt Publishing

Publication Date: June 14, 2017

ISBN: 9780994649119

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Perhaps in a moment of compromise – of forgiveness and flexibility – we might arrive at the same destination from separate points of departure and find that it was the journey itself that made it all worthwhile.

She was born under the sign of Capricorn. Bonny and pink and perfectly formed. Her arrival as longed for as the break from the heatwave melting the streets of Melbourne that summer. Amelia was finally here; the hard part was over.

Except it wasn’t. Hard things were lying in wait. They always are.

From an exciting new Australian author comes a powerful, funny, raw and at times heartbreaking memoir about a mother’s battle to raise her daughter who is deaf, autistic and feistier than ten Tasmanian Devils.

Praise for Amelia & Me

"Melinda Hildebrandt is an incredible writer with an amazing story. One she tells with insight, humour and brilliance. You must buy this book for everyone you know." Catherine Deveny

"Melinda Hildebrandt’s incredible, no-holds-barred memoir exploring her journey of raising a daughter with hearing loss and autism is a brilliant combination of deeply inspiring, humorous and heart-wrenching. An exceptional story of one family’s struggle, perseverance and triumph in helping Amelia find her voice...This book should be mandatory reading for all families of children with hearing loss and/or autism, their families, carers, and all who interact with them.” Julie Postance

"I was captured by Amelia & Me from the beginning, and was completely drawn into the honesty and frankness with which Melinda Hildebrandt tells her family’s story – it cuts deep. She has a fantastic turn of phrase, and a wicked sense of humour (I was laughing out loud in places), and other times she reached in and ripped my heart out. There aren’t a lot of writers I’ve read who can do that, and I’ve read a lot of writers." Amanda Spedding

"Melinda’s ...