Ambedkar And Caste System

by Narayan Das
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Publisher: Centrum Press

Publication Date: June 30, 2017

ISBN: 9789388034531

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The cancerous tumour of caste system of our society would be cured, and the society would become one. Dr. Ambedkar said that the caste system was a very disgusting aspect of our society. By denying opportunities to rise, the Hindu social order has fixed the socio-economic status of the lower vamas or castes for ever through the mystic scheme of karma (deeds), Bhagya (fate) and Punarjanma (rebirth). Ambedkar literally viewed as "Origin of Caste" means "The Origin of the Mechanism for Endogamy" and treated class and caste as next door neighbours and defined "A caste is an Enclosed Class". Ambedkar criticised the Hindu caste system and its law books. He argued that inter-caste dining and inter-caste marriage is not sufficient to annihilate the caste system, but that "the real method of breaking up the Caste System was... to destroy the religious notions upon which caste is founded". This book focuses on his key roles as statesman, politician, social theorist and activist.