Amazons (Book 3): Camille's Epoch

by T Lindsey-Billingsley

Publisher: T Lindsey-Billingsley

Series: Alien Monologues

Publication Date: December 23, 2017

ISBN: 9781370737079

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Amazons (Book 3): With Illustrations

This 'pseudo-fiction' saga of the Amazons' combines monologue-style storytelling by numerous spellbinding "extraterrestrial" Beings- brought together to bring Ancient Alien theories and divine Human Creationism to life.
These otherworldly characters will open up our world and minds to the metaphysical, magical, and esoteric unknowns of the Universes.
This epic will detail humanity's beginnings, and its presumed end- coming in the very near future.
The story of the Amazons is intended to be an adventure of learning and spiritual awakening.
Prepare to be enlightened. All open minds will surely be blown away!
~Explore the Hidden Inner Earth of Shamballah & Shangri’ La
~Time & Space Travel
~True Gods & Goddesses
~Extra-Terrestrials and Alien Encounters
~Understanding Vibrations and Frequencies
~Current Life on Mars & Venus
~Hybrid Humans and Genetic Engineering
~Secret Alien Agendas & A New World Order
& Many More Mysteries…Explained Poetically by the Mighty Amazons

Throughout this book series, nothing is ever quite what it seems…as is often true in real-life. Continue to read each subsequent book to get closer to the truth, and knowledge, this author intends to be uncovered.