Amazing Properties of Squares & Their Calculations

by Kiran Parulekar

Publisher: Kiran Parulekar

Publication Date: May 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781311492999

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Following are the salient features of “Amazing Properties of Squares & Their Calculations”
-This book contains originality. It means in most chapters things are discussed, which we will not find in any other book on speed arithmetic. Even if particular concept is found in some book or website, author has represented it in a little different way.
-Author has given enough examples on each type of square calculation of a number (minimum 3 examples) so that reader will not have any doubt.
-Almost all the chapters are having different style from traditional learning mathematics taught in school or college or in books.
-Each chapter has been discussed separately without any prior knowledge of previous chapters so that reader can read any chapter independently and can move in any order in reading this book.
-After reading this book, people who have hatred feeling for mathematics can develop liking for mathematics not only in calculation of squares but also in other areas like multiplication and division.
-Methods used to calculate general and particular squares and properties of squares like those discussed in chapter 21 (which is of two pages only) can be useful for competitive exam also.
-Till now methods like casting out 9’s and casting out 11’s were used in checking calculation , but in this book in chapter 17 and 18 these two methods are used to calculate square of two and three digit numbers respectively which is a very new thing.
-The book assumes that reader knows tables of 1 to 10 numbers and squares of 1 to 25 numbers which is a very minimal expectation so that not much mathematics background is required to read this book.
-Examples are explained step by step and are plenty in number and any student above 7’th standard can understand it. Also topics range from elementary to challenging level.
-All the methods to calculate square of a number that are present in other books are discussed here in addition to ...