Amanda Goes to Las Vegas REVISED EDITION

by Dick Nancy
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Publisher: Works by Nancy Dick

Publication Date: October 06, 2015

ISBN: 9780996140249

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Amanda goes to Las Vegas REVISED EDITION by Nancy Dick is an exciting romance book that begins in rural Indiana on the Miller Farm where the main character, Amanda Miller, grew up with her parents, Tom and Carolyn and her brother, Tommy. And, the book leads us to Las Vegas as we follow Amanda and what happens to her throughout the book. This book is both glamourous and fun!  Amanda Miller doesn't want to come to Las Vegas since lots of people come to Las Vegas for vacations and such.  Amanda Miller, in contrast, GOES to Las Vegas on a mission to be a"big time" star there.  She is on a "fast track" to fame and fortune!  Soon, she would be driving in a limo; sleeping in a penthouse; and dripping in furs and diamonds she thinks!     She knows a "big time" talent agent in Las Vegas who will hook her up with jobs on the world famous Strip to work with the other stars and get her a record album worth millions!  But, she soon learns upon arriving that her talent agent to the stars is really a flat broke manager of a slum apartment house in one of the worse neighborhoods in town.  Flat broke herself, she agrees to live in one of his spare rooms of his apartment to help her get on her feet. Soon, she is on top of the world, working a job as a telemarketer in one of the call centers there! It is a start anyway!  But, it is a far cry away from the life she had anticipated!  Keeping the news from her parents and her family back home, Amandaplans to never let her folks know the truth about her situation.  They have their hopes pinned on her success in Las Vegas! They needed the money sent back home from her record album contracts and concerts on the world famous Strip to save the family farm that back home was in the family for many generations!  Her only brother, Tommy, was off in the military with no sign he was returning back home to the farm any time soon.  Amanda's father, Tom, feared he would someday become too old, on top of everything, to be able to run the farm ...