Alzheimer’S Through the Alphabet

One Journey of Ups and Downs
by Leslie F. Hergert
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Publisher: Archway Publishing

Publication Date: April 11, 2018

ISBN: 9781480859654

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This book provides a vivid story of life with Alzheimersor at least, one story of one family with an unusual sense of humor. Told in an unconventional style (through the alphabet rather than chronologically), Leslie F. Hergert describes the sadness, humor, and challenges of caring for a partner with Alzheimers Disease through its many stages. Each letter of the alphabet provides reflections on some facet of the Alzheimers experience, told with honesty and a wry eye.

Leslie spoke at our conference on Dementia and attendees said that her stories were the most powerful part of a very good conference. Her book extends that speech to provide an inside view of living with Alzheimers, a comfort for others living with the disease and an education for outsiders.

Nancy Willbanks, Somerville Cambridge Elder Services

Ms. Hergert writes candidly and poignantly about her experience caring for her husband with early onset Alzheimers Disease. She touches upon the major cognitive, psychological, and functional changes that occur over the course of the disease, and she provides practical tips to caregivers on how to manage them. She also writes movingly about the multiple emotions she felt as she accompanied her husband on the journey, reminding all of us that there are moments of joy and laughter even among those of loss and grief. I have no doubt that readers will find her words of wisdom helpful.

Serena Chao, MD, MSc; Geriatrics Division Chief, Cambridge Health Alliance; Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School