Alternative to Therapy

A Creative Lecture Series on Process Work
by Amy Mindell

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

Publication Date: November 29, 2018

ISBN: 9781642374414

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Through the voices of a group of imaginary figures and their creative teachings, Amy Mindell explores many of the innovative concepts and practical methods of Process-Oriented Psychology (Process Work). The goals of Process Work lay not the traditional psychotherapeutic ones, but rather in the unique wisdom and path of process, or nature, itself. Each of the 32 easy-to-read chapters represents a “class” in which a wide range of theoretical ideas, practical applications, supervision, and case examples are explored. The text illuminates the flow behind client-therapist interactions and the hidden patterns behind everyday events. The book is also a practical guide and workbook, in which readers, can explore their personal psychology and learning through various exercises. Alternative to Therapy will be useful to both beginning and advanced helpers and therapists from many diverse backgrounds.

About the Author

Amy Mindell, Ph.D., is a Process Work therapist and conflict resolution facilitator. She has a private practice in Portland, Oregon, USA, and teaches worldwide together with her husband Arnold Mindell. She has developed Process Work in the areas of coma, creativity, movement, and supervision, and is the author of 4 other books. In her spare time she is a singer-songwriter, dancer, artist, and puppet maker.