Alternative Energy Technologies

An Introduction with Computer Simulations
by Gavin Buxton
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Publisher: CRC Press

Series: Nano and Energy

Publication Date: December 21, 2017

ISBN: 9781351831321

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Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly important in a world striving for energy independence, clean air, and a reprieve from global warming. Solar cells, wind power, and biofuels are some of the competing alternative energy sources hoping to gain a foothold in our future energy mix, and the economic advantages of these technologies are continually increasing as costs are reduced and efficiencies increased.

Alternative Energy Technologies: An Introduction with Computer Simulations explores the science and engineering behind a number of emerging alternative energy technologies, including polymer solar cells, algae biofuels, and artificial leaves. It also addresses the environmental need for these technologies. However, unlike its predecessors, this book employs simple computer models implemented within spreadsheet environments to simulate different aspects of the alternative energy technologies and therefore teach the subject matter.

This unique approach:

  • Provides a dual introduction to alternative energy technologies and computer simulation
  • Elucidates the fundamental behaviors and complex interactions within the alternative energy systems
  • Makes computer simulation straightforward and accessible to readers with no prior programming experience

Featuring investigative exercises that deepen understanding and inspire further research, Alternative Energy Technologies: An Introduction with Computer Simulations makes an ideal introductory textbook for undergraduate students and a valuable professional reference for experimental researchers.