All Women Are Created Equal. But All Russian Women Are Not. (Why a Relationship with Russian Women Means Something Greater?)

by Galina Mazurenko

Publisher: Galina Mazurenko

Publication Date: March 07, 2016

ISBN: 9781310709999

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Russian women. Beautiful, feminine, special and always unique. Why? There are a lot of myths and rebuttals as to the statement. However, "only in Moscow subway one can meet more beautiful women than in the entire United States." This is accepted by all the men who had the opportunity to make at least an external comparison between Russian women and the other.
The men who met with the peculiar behavior of the Russian ladies consider them unexplained. On the "mystery of the Russian women" is spoken all over the world, but still any man cannot answer what force attracts them to the Russian women, just bringing to mind, and why the men who talked about their even former Russian wives always did it with incredible enthusiasm. They said, "If I ever get married, it will be only Russian woman. It is incredible, I just can’t forget her." Why?
Neither psychologists nor ethnologists have not found an answer brushing aside this statement as both empty and far-fetched one. But in vain. In this book you will find not only an explanation of the phenomenon of Russian women, without falsification and speculation but also will find out something for sure you have no idea about. For example, about types of Russian women. Or there is a big difference between the girls from St. Petersburg and girls from small industrial towns, or far villages. And even more, you have not ever heard about a special type of Russian women which can be found only in some parts of the Russian Federation but who may have particular value for you. This book was being created especially for men who eager to meet a wonderful Russian woman online and marry her in the near future.
But before jumping into the whirlpool of the communication with Russian girls it would be good to decide what type of Russian woman fits you the best? With what type of woman your common life will be mostly comfortable and joyful? After reading this book you will be able to differentiate accurately between different ...