All Is Mind

The Skolimowskian Philosophy of the Participatory Mind
by Vir Singh
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781482835083

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All Is Mind is one of the rarest books, attempting to unfold mysteries of human mind and of the universe. It deeply looks into new, delighting, and intellect-blasting Skolimowskian philosophy of the participatory mind, which truly represents the crux of evolution, the climax of evolution, the absolute beauty of evolution, the soul of evolution, and the true spirit that evolution seems striving to instil into human beings for the perfection of their own evolution, and for the deep and real purpose of evolution itself. Presenting the most extraordinary aspect of lifethe human mindthe book extraordinarily explains how the mind conceives, processes, chisels, shapes, and reshapes everything and every phenomenon it encounters; how it creates reality; how it attempts to explore everything out there; how, through its outreach tentacles, it creates a sphere of its ownthe noosphere; how it goes on extending the limits of the noosphere; and many more thoughts, concepts, theories, and philosophies encompassing the all-creative, wonderful, and not yet fully understood mind. The mind in the book emerges as an epic of the evolution itself. The book attempts to transcend all previous theories of evolution, and it reveals how the mind can help us reach the stars.