Aligning Life

The Stinson Wellness Model
by David D. Stinson
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Publisher: Stinson Education

Publication Date: November 13, 2015

ISBN: 9780993847813

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What does wellness look like? And how does it feel? Is wellness when life is going our way, or can we experience wellness during the tough times too? How can we align our lives to live well? "I used to think good people automatically live well. In fact, I thought a lot of things happened automatically. I believed, for example, that wisdom and maturity increased with age and I would have my life figured out when I had a good career. While change and aging are constants, living well during different stages of life takes a mix of risk and intentionality" (Stinson). The Stinson Wellness Model helps people build wellness into their lives by encouraging wise decision making and authentic living in order for a person to contribute their talents and uniqueness to society.