Alien Creativity

Spirituality and Becoming Homo Serenity
by Edward Gondwe
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 23, 2017

ISBN: 9781543426762

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This book is a discussion of deep topics covering consciousness, the cosmos, spirituality, and science. It is a book to inspire people to do more to expand horizons of what is generally thought possible. An underlying message is that the human soul is vastly undiscovered and that we have an amazing universe with different worlds and civilizations. And you can find other worlds and civilizations with extra cerebral intelligence and personally as I have. There is teaching and heralding of new truths in this book that can change a lot of the perceptions of humanity, and it comes from an author who has spent a lot of time in spiritual practice and evolution. The discussion is from a high place with the author speaking from a point of extrasensory perception. The gifts of the author come from high sensitivity to higher realities. In this book, there is dialogue about the past of humanity, what we are capable of, secrets of the cosmos as well as secrets of spiritual science, and this dialogue is informed by years of meditation, study, intellectual survey, and years of experience with higher realities. It shows that the universe holds possibilities summarized by that level of spiritual evolution found in Homo Serenity, which is the name given here to civilization in the cosmos that has ascended to advanced experiences marked by love, enlightenment, and intellectual genius. We can get in touch with what happened in New Mexico, Nevada, California, and Arizona and other places over the past seventy years with otherworldly intelligences. They are in our world, and we are in theirs. Read and see the truth, for this is a disclosure as well. There is alien creativity, and we are set to expand our experience of the Kingdom of God. We have barely scratched the surface.