Alice and Me: An Alice Springs Experience

by Bryan Clark

Publisher: MoshPit Publishing

Publication Date: May 21, 2015

ISBN: 9781925219869

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Having survived over seventy years of life in this land, I have at various times stood with my back to Australia – at Seaford, Scarborough, Townsville and Darwin – and in each place I have felt the bulk of the country behind me like the hand of a protective parent: huge, ancient, wild and inhospitable.

I have felt the sharp coldness of the waves in southern climes, the affectionate warmth in sub-tropical waters as brilliant sunsets perished over western oceans, the almost foreign loneliness of western islands with their petroglyphed rocks, and always in the background the hot breath of inland deserts gasping, yet beckoning.

I have wandered lost on horseback for several days in Arnhem Land eating the mullabungor (freshwater mussels) shown to me by the Ritarrngu Aborigines of the Roper River region, chewed the watery stalks of water lilies from the billabongs such as Yallawarra, and looked as a privileged stranger on the timeless cave paintings of Burrunjor where few, if any, white men have ever ventured.

I have loitered in exotic cities – Hong Kong, Tokyo – and seen my red-bearded strangeness reflected in the eyes and on the faces of other cultures, then winged my way back to Sydney to feel the strangeness all over again in the midst of my sport-fixated, grog-swilling countrymen who have rarely faced drought, thirst, – or fought wars that were not those of England or the USA.

I have seen impoverished Chinese villagers cultivating the strips of imported soil between railway tracks to grow household vegetables, and later wondered as I flew over the illimitable expanses of our Northern Territory which no man occupies or cultivates.

I have relished wild watermelons along the Wilton River, near south-western Arnhem Land, delighted in wild mangoes and coconuts and paw paws on the lovely beaches of the north-western coast of Western Australia, hunted big crabs for lunch with a wire spear in the Arafura Sea, helped paint the bodies of ...