Aids for Amateurs

Human Choices, Immune Responses, Social Burdens
by Donald Gene Pace & Omar Bagasra
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781481761253

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AIDS ignores political boundaries, crosses porous borders of poor human choice, pays no customs duties, travels with neither passport nor visa, drives the worlds highways, sails the planets seas, flies through earths airspace, breaks hearts, breaks down immunity, covers truth, spreads myths, promotes ignorance, wrecks homes, grieves children, fathers orphans, leaves widows, chops trees for coffins, exploits poor choices, gnaws away at health, robs the rich, impoverishes the poor, destroys CD4+ counts, baffles scientists, challenges budgets, reduces profits, encourages absenteeism, promotes burials, worships immorality, upholds double standards, exploits women, exploits men, exploits children, flourishes in an apathetic NIMBY (not in my backyard) environment, avoids unified NIOBY (not in our backyard) efforts, evades classical immunity, avoids slumber, takes no vacations, torments the adults in Cape Town and Mumbai, confuses the children in orphanages and on streets, dries no tears, sheds no tears, distributes no handkerchiefs, makes no mortgage payments, slays mortgage payers, robs down payments, kills down payers, evicts tenants, plays Trojan horse, shares freely, terminates employment, drives up insurance rates, drives down population growth, loves drug users, mixes well with alcohol, encourages fear, squelches hope, creates morbid personal histories, changes the history of nations, tortures the present, and ambushes the future.