Afterlife: Why Dying Is The Easy Part

by Anna Gracey & Dana Tebow

Publisher: MarketConnexus, LLC

Publication Date: August 04, 2015

ISBN: 9781513039787

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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There are many theories about the afterlife and the aim of this book is to put things in perspective. It is the product of the research and intuitive genius of two authors who both have an interest in the mystery that surrounds this topic. The book looks at the perspective of the afterlife from two perspectives, the Christian and the non Christian view which is what makes it such an important piece of work as it is not one sided as so many other books are. Needless to say that the hypothesis is presented then the factors examined and at the end of it all a choice is made as to which is the correct set of principles to go with. One could almost say that it is the process and results of an experiment conducted by these two.

For any individual that is either studying religions or just trying to find out what they should have faith in it is a great thing to read through and pose your own questions. As one reads one has a wish that the text could go on forever as it is so insight. The topic is a tricky one and the authors are more than aware of this and remain as objective as they possibly can throughout.