After Me

An Essay
by Christopher Young & Steven Bednikoff

Publisher: Eodem Media

Publication Date: January 12, 2017

ISBN: 1230001504101

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The human being, homo sapiens... A unique species that has hauled its way onto the top of the food chain and now dominates the near entirety of the Earth's ecosystems. What is life like at the top? Do we enjoy the fruits of our labour? Looking at things with a clear gaze, we seem to have replaced the struggle for survival with a struggle for existence: a desire to perform, a desire for self, a desire to define ourselves more and more and to be recognized as exceptional individuals among our peers, as is illustrated by the hijacking of social media, which takes a tool for communications and turns it into a tool for self-promotion.

The mechanisms of existence are essentially the same as those of biological survival – we’ve only changed the level at which they are effective: instead of working without respite for our physical survival, we now work without respite for the survival of our identity, our avatar, our Me. And lest we forget: our brain is first and foremost a machine built for survival! Its touchstone today is the Me, an image we make of ourselves, a unique identity, tangible, distinct, which we must constantly work to define, protect, and perpetuate.

Have we forgotten to be, have we forgotten being, in this new race to the top? Simply to live? Will there be a new way of being in the world, of using our formidable intelligence and conscience? Of favouring well-being over more-being?

We the authors are convinced that this is possible, and will give you an overview here. We will attempt to understand the Me, to deconstruct it, to see how we can go beyond it and anticipate a new phase for humanity. A new phase. After Me.