Africa Day by Day

by ZJ Galos

Publisher: ZJ Galos

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301938834

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Book I of Africa Day by Day, entails twelve poems. In ‘Africa of the South’: the continent shaped like a broken heart of an ebony goddess ruling under southern skies, watching over ‘The Big Five’, gold diggers, fortune seekers, and diamond kings. Raindrops started falling in ‘Africa Weeping’, causing disastrous flooding, animals and people clinging to planks or branches as rivers rise dramatically. While its warmer in the northern world, it’s getting colder down the southern end and the dry season has begun in the ‘African Animal Park’, where rivers dry out and watering holes are few. In ‘African Palette’, the vibrant colours of nature present a great feast for the senses in a celebration of visions. The other side of life in Africa is depicted in ‘Armed Robbery’, the tale of a serious break-in which destroys believes in a better future and changes a couple’s perspective about a country they once loved. ‘Carapace’ tells the story of love’s pain in a message placed into a bottle, swept ashore at the west coast. ‘Dana L’Afrique’, the beautiful daughter of a ruthless king, locked away on his seer’s advice, the despot fearing the loss of his powers, if she’ll bear a sun. The multitude of cultures celebrate their specific days of the week in ‘Days of the Week’, while ‘Des and Dawn’ celebrated couple placed Africa of the South onto the map of world pop music. In ‘H&RC’, the with-it set of young and old will meet for a social do and exercises, in the security of a sporting world. The poet has depicted of taking his choices on the dense mesh of life’s highways in ‘Pathways of My Life’. Finally in ‘The Big Five’, Africa’s greatest wild game is observed at a lucky break visiting a game park, admired for their beauty and mused about their habits: From the Water buffalo, to the elephant, Cheetah, lion and rhino. There is still a chance to see them in their natural habitat.