Affordable Vet Care: Veterinary Secrets Informed Pet Lovers Use to Save Thousands of Dollars



Publication Date: June 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781311936974

Binding: Kobo eBook

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This must read, educational book lays bare the inside secrets of the veterinary industry. Covers how fees and prices are set, and how they can be made "adjustable" either for or against the pet owner. Outlines how veterinary clinics that operate on staff quotas, profit sharing and how all clinics operating with less patients each year, can squeeze in extra fees and costs to meet monthly revenue targets. Compiled for pet owners by people in the veterinary industry who have played a part in the reduction of the common house pet, this one of a kind book reveals how the new era of veterinary care is struggling for revenue as pet owners learn more about prevention thus reducing the needs for veterinary visits. In this comprehensive but easy to read book, pet owners will also learn about choosing a veterinary clinic, what services are "no-charge" at most clinics, common fees that can get added to their bill, invoicing errors, how less can be more, how to resolve billing errors and improper care, and why cheaper care can either be a blessing, or a nightmare for them and their pet. Includes a bonus chapter on common medical terms, medical conditions and treatments along with their definitions.