Aerospace Propulsion

by T. W. Lee

Publisher: Wiley

Series: Aerospace Series

Publication Date: May 18, 2016

ISBN: 9781118534878

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Aerospace propulsion devices embody some of the most advanced technologies, ranging from materials, fluid control, and heat transfer and combustion. In order to maximize the performance, sophisticated testing and computer simulation tools are developed and used. 

Aerospace Propulsion comprehensively covers the mechanics and thermal-fluid aspects of aerospace propulsion, starting from the fundamental principles, and covering applications to gas-turbine and space propulsion (rocket) systems. It presents modern analytical methods using MATLAB and other advanced software and includes essential elements of both gas-turbine and rocket propulsion systems. Gas turbine coverage includes thermodynamic analysis, turbine components, diffusers, compressors, turbines, nozzles, compressor-turbine matching, combustors and afterburners. Rocket coverage includes chemical rockets, electrical rockets, nuclear and solar sail.

Key features:

  • Both gas-turbine and rocket propulsion covered in a single volume
  • Presents modern analytical methods and examples
  • Combines fundamentals and applications, including space applications
  • Accompanied by a website containing MATLAB examples, problem sets and solutions

Aerospace Propulsion is a comprehensive textbook for senior undergraduate graduate and aerospace propulsion courses, and is also an excellent reference for researchers and practicing engineers working in this area.