Aerospace Engineering Pocket Reference

by Tavares, Sean
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: June 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781498703659

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Designed for the Aeronautical/Aerospace Student or Practicing Engineer

Find the material you are looking for without having to sort through unnecessary information. Intended for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals in the field of aeronautical/aerospace engineering, the Aerospace Engineering Pocket Reference is a concise, portable, go-to guide covering the entire range of information on the aerospace industry. This unique text affords readers the convenience of pocket-size portability, and presents expert knowledge on formulae and data in a way that is quickly accessible and easily understood.

The convenient pocket reference includes conversion factors, unit systems, physical constants, mathematics, dynamics and mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, propulsion, orbital mechanics, attitude determination, and attitude dynamics. It also contains appendices on chemistry, properties of materials, atmospheric data, compressible flow tables, shock wave tables, and solar system data.

This authoritative text:

  • Contains specifically tailored sections for aerospace engineering
  • Provides key information for aerospace students
  • Presents specificity of information (only formulae and tables) for quick and easy reference

The Aerospace Engineering Pocket Reference covers basic data as well as background information on mathematics and thermal processing, and houses more than 1000 equations and over 200 tables and figures in a single guide.