Adventures of Lazy Campervan Cook

by Summer Bourne

Publisher: Summer Bourne

Publication Date: November 21, 2018

ISBN: 9781999900908

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Summer Bourne, The Camper Cookie, loves food and loves camping; preferably combined. With her partner, Glyn, she has had many adventures in Trev-the-Prev, their converted Toyota Previa campervan, – some quirky, some funny and some just gorgeously soulful.

In 'Adventures of a Lazy Campervan Cook' she lets us in on some of these adventures such as: the time they got it so wrong when they parked wild, a magical day on the Dorset coast, finding that special place that touches your soul and how to 'do' cities.

She'll also tell you why it is important to be a 'Lazy' cook, not only when you are camping, but in life generally.  To help you along your lazy-cook way, she has included one of her favourite campervan recipes at the end of each chapter.

So, whether you are already living your campervan dream, or just dreaming about it, join Summer on some of her vanning adventures – you may never see camping in the same way again!

Summer Bourne is The Camper Cookie, a campervan-foodie blogger and author of 'The Camper Cookie – Easy Recipes and Cool Tips for Your Campervan Life'. You can check out her recipes, trips and general campervan stuff on her blog and all the usual places like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.