Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law

The Transforming Nature of Protection
by Roger J.R. Levesque
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Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Series: Advancing Responsible Adolescent Development

Publication Date: September 02, 2016

ISBN: 9783319415352

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This book reviews broad social changes affecting youth development and the inconsistency of the legal system in updating its approach to adolescents’ rights. Legal experts examine current adolescent protections and offer research-based proposals for revising laws that underserve or criminalize youth under the rubric of protection. Focusing on the key areas of technology and media, education, and personal relationships, chapters discuss legal responses to a range of challenges impacting young people, including sexual exploitation, the right to privacy, military family issues, and the school-to-prison pipeline. The book’s nuanced concept of legal protection credits youth with greater competence than currently afforded, in hope that adolescents can take more ownership of their evolving lives in a rapidly changing society.

Topics featured in this volume include:

  • How to balance freedom of expression with adolescents’ right to data protection. The sexualization of media and its effects on youth attitudes and behaviors. 

  • The rising phenomenon of teenage sexting. 

  • Protecting students’ sexual identity in private schools. 

  • Youth sex and labor trafficking and possible solutions to alleviate the widespread crime.

Adolescents, Rapid Social Change, and the Law is a must-have resource for researchers and professors, clinicians and related professionals as well as graduate students in developmental psychology, family studies, public health, educational policy and politics, and social policy.