Adam's Cross

by Patrick Ugeh

Publisher: Patrick Ugeh

Publication Date: December 29, 2016

ISBN: 9781386738947

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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At twenty-five, Adam is already too old to marry – a taboo with dire consequences – by the tradition of Aboki, a Nigerian hamlet. Just when he is about to marry Hassana, who does not mind his polio-crippled leg, his best friend Usman dumps his girlfriend, Husseina, and insists on marrying Adam’s fiancée, who is Husseina’s twin sister.

     To resolve the matter, they resort to sharo; Adam can only marry Hassana now if he endures the voodoo-filled pre-nuptial ordeal by not wincing throughout the hours-long flogging with a poisoned whip.

     He is almost surviving the torment when something goes wrong. Now he seems to oscillate between a death-like state and life. He is doomed to stay that way unless he can solve one of life’s greatest mysteries - how and why God deploys love to instigate all the violence and suffering in the world.

     As he struggles to solve this and other puzzles, with the potential of reducing war and violence globally, Adam meets a mysterious otherworldly septuagenarian who summons the ghosts of Shakespeare, Archimedes and some other dead sages to help crack the conundrums. But time is running out.

     Adam, inducted into the deadly Boko Haram terrorist sect, must quickly stop a potentially deadly terrorist attack with global implications before he can escape certain death and become his normal self and win back his heartthrob.

   However, the only person with the final antidote to his rare condition turns out to be Usman, who is determined to hold on to it so as to retain Hassana.