Acting by Mistake

by William Roudebush
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: February 03, 2018

ISBN: 9781462800360

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ACTING BY MISTAKE is a practical guide for actors that operates under the premise that a mistake is the actors true opportunity to create. The book addresses high stakes situations and how to involve yourself in a process that puts you in control. The energy that fear, doubt and lack of confidence generates is crippling to the creative process. ACTING BY MISTAKE will give you the tools you need to convert crippling energy into a new resource for opportunity.

The book is filled with ideas that embrace exactly what you need to do when you cant remember your lines, become intimidated by other actors, hear yourself talking while you audition or perform, have difficulty looking another actor directly in the eye, can only say a line on way or you just lack confidence in your own skills. This book focuses on specifically what to do when you step onto the stage to audition, rehearse, or perform. There is no pretense; just practical suggestions for situations you encounter everyday as a developing artist.

If you already have experience, this book will

afford you the opportunity to look at your past in a new light.

If you are a neophyte, you can begin your process with roots

firmly planted in the soil of a positive creative process.