Act like a woman but think like a Man

by Cristian Butnariu

Publisher: Cristian Butnariu

Publication Date: March 23, 2016

ISBN: 1230001005219

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Chapter One: The power of relationships

Find the gap: where are you now?

Let’s talk about one of the most important areas in your life if not the most important area of your life. The area of your life that when is handled can give you the greatest amount if joy, love, and ecstasy that you ever imagined and probably most of picks of your life have some aspect of this in your life, and if of course is handled ineffectively, then this is the place of pain, this is place here people feel really devastated, this is the place where life seems to lose its meaning.

So the area we will talk, of course is that vehicle of life that we focus on and we call relationship. And if you handle it well, then when you are in love, when you feel that connection, when you feel that bond, when you feel that feeling of sensing with somebody, what is that like? What can rally compete with it?

Making money might be nice, achieving something might be wonderful but if you do it alone is worthless. If you don’t have someone to share that joy with, then what it is like?

In the same time being upset with yourself is one thing, but when you got someone else to be upset with, boy then this is really different, you can really get yourself upset, you can really get yourself wired, you can make yourself being massively inferior or massively superior, angry, upset, frustrate, hurt, devastated, you can feel just anything you want with this vehicle called relationship.

A called it vehicle because we forget that the relationship is the way of relating, that is a process, is not a fixed thing in time, it always changing, is always moving, in fact challenges we have as human beings is that we all want to have things done, we want have all that financial stuff and we never have to work again. Of course, if you will never work again you will be totally unfulfilled, because I know many rich people  who do not have to work anymore but they work ...