Achiever's Handbooks Boxed Set

Achievers Best Guide Series (Collection of Five Books):
by Ikechukwu Joseph

Publisher: Ikechukwu Joseph

Series: Achievers Best Guide Series

Publication Date: May 30, 2017

ISBN: 1230001697711

Binding: Kobo eBook

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"The cemetery is the “richest or wealthiest prison of undiscovered, untapped, undeveloped and unfulfilled dreams of presidents that never presided, great orators that never made a speech, astronauts that never went to the moon, and doctors that never touched the sick or great preachers that never preached a Sermon”
Who are you? Your Concept deposited in you at birth by God. Your Content acquired through learning and education. Your Contextual milieu, environment which you must interact with and conquer in order to be an achiever. Achiever's Handbooks 1 - 5 Boxed Set is a collection of five books of the Achiever's Best Guide Series (Five in One):
Book One: contains over hundred Inspirational Keys and success nuggets that will help you fulfill your Destiny. This book will  help you in self discovery - you first develop Concept given at birth, build your content (from education, interactions)  and then context (from your environ), problem solving strategies, Your Faith or Fate? Empowering your voice (vocal or written) etc.
This handbook,  business manual     and success digests is a must and great  read for those who want to fulfill their dreams. It is for business people, achievers, innovators, counselors, life coaches, leaders, workers, pastors etc
.Book Two:deals with Positioning and re-positioning yourself for strategic achievements. Learning from the masters, our heroes past and much more. Book  two is a follow up to book one
Book Three:From crisis critical point to triumphant turning point. Insight, reception and procession.
Book Four: Team works multiplier effects of attitude, aptitude and altitude.Dealing with your strengths and weaknesses.
Book Five: No one Gets Everything but Everybody Gets Something Enough. Healthy Self-Image breeds Good Self-Esteem that triggers Self Actualization. Askers, Seekers and Knockers, all in the same World