Acetylcholine: An Approach to the Molecular Mechanism of Action

by Michelson, M. J.
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Publisher: Pergamon

Publication Date: November 30, 2014

ISBN: 9781483145457

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Acetylcholine: An Approach to the Molecular Mechanism of Action is an in-depth study of neurotransmitter system, with much focus on acetylcholine and its action and the cholinergic synapse.
The book, divided into seven chapters, covers the following topics: the function of the cholinergic synapse; the movement of ions across membranes; the excitatory postsynaptic potential; the nature of cholinoreceptors and cholinesterases; the structure of its active centers; and the pattern of arrangement of the receptors of the cholinoreceptive membrane. The book also covers the quantitative evaluation of the action of neurotransmitters; the reactive capacity of the acetylcholine molecule and its effects on nerve endings and nerve fibers; and the release of mediators and hormones.
The text is recommended for those who specialize in the fields of biology, medicine, biochemistry, and pharmacology, especially those wish to study about the neurotransmitter system, cholinoreceptors, the cholinergic synapse, the acetylcholine, and its action.