Absolute Privilege to Deprive

"discovery of white privilege"
by Kuldip S. Randhawa, B.Sc, M.Sc.
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: September 18, 2015

ISBN: 9781504928366

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The author, as a self-representing litigant, a professional engineer suspended through bad faith discipline proceedings, and then subjected to victimization, tortuous interference, collateral attacks, abuse of process causing considerable loss. If you are a self-representing litigant, this book is absolutely necessary. The activities in Court, in the author being grid-locked into legal proceedings, in oppressive litigation commenced against him, he has exposed various frauds, so this book is an “eye-opener”. I have to admit that I am not a writer of legal books, or religious books, nor do I consider myself as a good writer, but one that is forced to write out of necessity for the greater good. This book is written with conviction and from the heart. The reason for this is that despite my considerable talents, abilities, education, at present I can truly relate to the suffering of others that are less fortunate. This book is the first book, and is written to “get the message out”. It is written on the basis that it is the first book of many, or perhaps the only book that I may be in a position to write. The interference of those that would want to bury me, and perhaps, even this book under ten feet of mud is clearly beyond my control. This book is “highly controversial” and includes a criminal complaint for the law enforcing authorities to investigate. The doctrine of absolute privilege when applied outside of the law, is a powerful racial or exploitation tool to be applied by lawyers in “having their way by any means possible” to carry out legalized scams.