Abridged Therapeutics Founded Upon Histology and Cellular Pathology

With an Appendix; Giving Special, Directions for the Application of the Inorganic Cell Salts, and Indications of the Underlying Condition of the Morbid States of Tissue; Biochemic Method of Successfully Treating Disease
by Med; Schussler

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243695713

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P. 6, line 3, read — Sulphur, Carbon, and Phosphorus in the organism are not present free, but as integral parts of organic combination. Sulphur and Carbon are contained in albumen Carbon in the carbo-hydrates (such as sugar, starch), and in the products of the metamorphoses of organic substances. P. 7, after line 7, read — Phosphorus is contained in the lecithin and in the nuclei. The sulphur of the albumen becomes oxidized by the oxygen of the air breathed, and is turned into sulphuric acid. The latter combines With the bases of the carbonates, and turns into sulphates by driving off the carbonic acid.