Abraham Father of Atheism

Believers, Stop Saying Father of Prophets or Father of Faith
by Mohammed Musa
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Publication Date: May 10, 2016

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Dear non-believer,

I like that when the infuriating alarm clock yells “Wake up, there’s a challenge waiting for you today”, rousing you from a pleasant dream, you do not smash it. You simply slap the off button and head to work. Let’s establish this: Your boss doesn’t care how you view your alarm clock. He or she only cares that you show up at work on time with a smile on your face.

Saying, “Scientists have figured it out ... There is no god; and there is no need for one,” is common nowadays to counter Christians, Muslims and Jews, who turn up saying, “Wake up, atheist. There’s a challenge waiting for you in the afterlife.” Unfortunately, that response can be illogical: Ask any scientist, “Is the scientific community sure there is no creator?” and the likely answer will be, “No, we are only about 99% sure. Anyone could be wrong, as Richard Dawkins said.”

The common response makes you a 1% gambler and frames you as defending personal conclusions instead of facts. It makes sense to defend statements such as that DNA decides biological characteristics such as eye and skin color and that chimps are our biological cousins, because these are facts. However, defending the statement “There is no creator”; after reading Adam’s story has nothing to do with defending facts. The only fact in the Adam story is that if we have a creator, he paid no attention to science while introducing himself to our ancestors. Instead, he preferred to focus on teaching them how to overcome the challenges of life.

There are atheists who believe in science, but do not use it as the base of their arguments, they say “We don’t care when there is no evidence.” Be careful using this kind of reasoning. It is true that sometimes the problem is that there is no evidence. But sometimes, the problem is that there is no desire to see the evidence. There is a story about a police officer who released a murderer despite having video of him committing the crime.