A-Z of Sex: Correct and Slang Terminology That Is Being Used By Kids

by Dr Triece Turnbull

Publisher: Dr Triece Turnbull

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301418435

Binding: Kobo eBook

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How many times have you as a parent heard your children come out with words that you just don’t know what they mean? Given up counting, I am sure. However, this is your chance to learn all the terms and descriptions associated with sex, not just when using correct terminology, but also the slang words that your children will be using. Get your copy here soon and don’t feel like a fool next time your child uses words you don’t mean or when they ask you what things mean and you can’t answer them.

Dr Triece provides parents with a factual account of all the correct sexual terms that their children are being taught about as part of the sex and relationship education (SRE) curriculum. A-Z of Sex also gives parents a bang-up-to-date guide as to the slang terms that young people are using. Like it or not, young people are using terms that are crude, but it is important that you as a parent know what your child is referring to when they come out with a term you have not heard before, or that you do not know the meaning of. It is also important that parents know the correct terminology so they can educate their own children.

Don’t be one of those parents who are afraid to talk openly about sex related terms with your child. Save yourself the embarrassment of not knowing what your child knows and learn from A-Z of Sex. Your child will have more respect for you if they know you have the up-to-date knowledge to talk to them about the things they hear and need to know about. Dr Triece gets asked by parents all the time about sexual terms and what they mean. It is all here and at the end of reading A-Z of Sex you will be more confident and have a greater idea of the sexual terms that your child knows and is hearing about from their peers. Unfortunately, your child may not know all the terms, so it is best that they hear about them from their parents so they are knowledgeable and do not look foolish for not knowing correct and slang terms associated with sex.