ACT 36: How to Score a 36 on the ACT An Introduction to the PhD Tutor Method 2013 Edition

by Dr. David Kronmiller

Publisher: Dr. David Kronmiller

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781301752782

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This book is a guide on how to score a 36 on the ACT college entrance exam. It introduces the student to the PhD Tutor Method developed by Dr. Kronmiller. This approach instills confidence that the student will be able to complete each exam section with time to review. Dr. Kronmiller developed the PhD Tutor Method while tutoring high school students in preparation for the college entrance exams.
It has brought him great joy to see academically motivated students discover the beauty of English, Mathematics and Science. This work is the culmination of fifteen years of teaching and preparing students for the college entrance exams and building strong skill sets in college bound students.
The approach provides an intuitive method that allows the student to be confident of completing each timed section with time remaining for review. Removing the stress of the timed aspect of the exam the student then can focus on achieving the highest score based on their current skill set. As mentioned above, the second part of the approach provides a strengthening of the student’s skill set. There is a companion book, ACT 36 – A Practical Guide to Scoring a 36 on the ACT -2013 Edition by Dr. David Kronmiller. This book expands on the method and builds skill set.
Recently one of his student’s parents wrote, “What is quite remarkable about Dr. David Kronmiller was his ability to establish a trusting and friendly rapport with our son as he explained complicated concepts in concrete terms. He used his thorough knowledge in multiple academic areas along with his creativity to engage Daniel in discussions on a variety of related topics. As a result, Daniel's ability to grasp and master the concepts of an academic topic markedly improved as well as his insight into understanding the related effects and consequences of that particular concept in our world today. We highly recommend Dr. David Kronmiller as an effective and inspirational tutor in several areas of ...