What is written is written. You can only experience it through life.
by Serge Jacques

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing

Publication Date: September 07, 2017

ISBN: 9781640284418

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The title was chosen as a benefit to everyone. This is a disease which impacts the world and humanity in general. Research will continue from generation to generation until a cure is found and beyond. Everyone living on this planet earth is affected by this disease. Climate change is a major issue, but we don’t know if it has an effect on dementia. Lately, the proliferation of mental illnesses became the number one silent killer. One’s way of life can make a significant difference between being at risk or not. The bottom line is to follow your genetic background.

The political unrest around the world, in the Middle East as an example, and the tsunami of refugees across the globe created a climate of depression, which later on can change to dementia and other diseases. This is one of the many reasons why A Worldwide Concern is the correct title for this book. Experiencing too many disasters will definitely affect the brain. Some people never get over their loss. Our brain is more affected than ever and not too many of us are aware of that. The age of accelerated technology make it harder for anyone to press the shut-off button. If we are serious about saving the planet, we have to be serious about dementia.

Throughout my research, I discovered that a lot of families are not equipped to deal with dementia. Those who have experienced the disease in their family are now worried about the future if there is no cure found. Right now, the best medicine is to preserve the area of the brain which is not yet affected. The big question is when do we start? This remains an individual challenge. Taking an IQ test yearly can help in the evaluation.

This book is a collection of events over a two-year study. The idea was to write a small book with sufficient information, and get others to relate to the story and participate. To achieve that, I developed eleven questions which I used to conduct the study.