A Vision Softly Creeping

by Maggie Allder
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Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

Publication Date: February 28, 2018

ISBN: 9781788030908

Binding: Kobo eBook

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“I was one of the good guys, or so they believed,” writes Karl, having just successfully brought through security a document which would be considered subversive and incriminating, if it had been found. He had believed himself to be one of the good guys for years, for decades even; his life had been dedicated to the service of his country. Now, as he approached retirement, he found himself keeping secrets from his second in command, deliberately working against the local Police Commissioner and using his hard-earned skills to evade the very authorities who had paid his wages for all his working life. How had things come to this? His love for Alice had started it – Alice, with her concern for the underprivileged and her uncomplicated desire to help others. Somehow Karl’s eyes had been opened to a different side of the society in which he lived so comfortably. And so a journey had started which lead him to a remote Cambridgeshire village, to a desperate drive across the country during one of the worst winter storms to hit England and Wales since those countries had left the European Union, and to a tragedy that Karl did not see coming. This book is exciting and gripping. It is unashamedly political, looking just a few years ahead from our present constitutional turmoil, to a time when England and Wales are driven into the arms of an America which is moving ever to the right. Yet it is a thoroughly human story, with characters one can relate to, characters who change and develop as the story unfolds. The novel is both a thriller and a romance, but it also has a spiritual element that enriches the story and adds a depth and a realism to the struggles of the main characters.