A Thanksgiving for the Spirit Soul: Harvesting the Power Within

by J. Bango

Publisher: J. Bango

Series: A Thanksgiving for the Spirit Soul

Publication Date: April 09, 2016

ISBN: 9781310285288

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This addition offers all selections from book one “Change You Now” and book two “Let Go, Be Still and Rise”. It also contains a bonus section with additional chapters and an Appendix section of helpful tips, affirmations, suggested readings and more. “Harvesting the Power Within,” suggests techniques to move forward in manifesting the life that you dream of and desire. Addressing topics such as how one can free themselves from blocks and transcend into a stress free and abundant lifestyle. Please be forewarned: it requires daily work. Any book offering you a miracle or quick fix is probably not worth the paper it is printed on. Nothing changes without applying effort.
The chapters are short and to the point with no fluff and fill. We start with basic topics and move quickly, yet gently ahead, as the grip tightens around the aspects of our vibrational essence and energy systems. The beauty in this is that you will see how many issues you can address without dealing with an overwhelming array of guidelines. The universe has a short instruction list for interconnecting with it.
All is related in a roundabout way and we begin to see the circle form. It also becomes apparent to the reader that the most basic principles of traversing the universal highway are sturdy in foundation and rely upon one another. The “Link of Four” is that foundation from our three dimensional perspective and is key to how we communicate effectively with the ethereal. In addition, flow, gratitude, detachment, belief, alignment, vibration and co-creation are terms that you will see again and again as we look at how energy weaves its way through us and into the sea of manifestation.
The driving force throughout is to break down barriers and understand the self in a more universal and less restrictive way. To seek harmony with All that is and to exist in an experience that is the most creative and productive possible. As with everything, additions and subtractions are ...