A Tale Of Two Perspectives

Dynamics of Interpersonal Conflict from a Christian Point of View
by Dr. Kenneth R. Norris
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781452056135

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Siblings will rival. Relatives will drop in and stay too long. Children will demand to know “Why?” Interpersonal conflict is seldom as intense as two gunslingers glaring at each other from ten paces at High Noon. It is seldom as colorful as a red-faced husband and wife, standing in their kitchen, shouting insults. It is more often a tale of two perspectives demanding to be heard.  Conflict is one of those peculiar concepts few people can define without a dictionary, but most people know it when they see it! We also want it resolved promptly and to our personal satisfaction.


How should Christians resolve interpersonal conflict? Should we simply give in to someone with whom we disagree just to avoid conflict? What are the rules when Christians become petty, insensitive or argumentative? If we love our neighbor as we love ourselves, how do we confront conflict without compromising our values? The solution is to understand and learn to confront the behavior, not the people we love.


"A Tale of Two Perspectives" ...