A Tale About Lilly

by Salome G. Rowe
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781414032672

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A Tale About Lilly is a depiction of the saying, “God works in mysterious ways.”  It tells how love and loyalty can manifest in the mist of discretion. 

Lilly shows how life happens one child, one mind - one family at a time.  The story uncovers a series of nail-biting and humorous realities.  It’s about joy and its journey. 

This tale is a testament about childhood and the song and dance of family. Ironically, Lucretia, who appeared the most perplexed in her family, helped break the chain of defeat often passed down from generation to generation.

At five, Lucretia Beldrin uses her grandmother’s hexes to try to fix her family and was diagnosed with a phenomenal illness that mocked dual personality disorder when things got out of hand. 

A Tale About Lilly is about never giving up and how a way out can come from strange behavior, strange things, and strangers. Lilly is about trust and about survival against all odds.