A Study of Fairy Tales

by Laura F. Kready

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780243693467

Binding: Kobo eBook

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In the classification of fairy tales the purpose has been to organize the entire field so that any tale may be studied through the type which emphasizes its distinguishing features. The source material endeav ors to furnish a comprehensive treatment of fairy tales for the kindergarten and elementary school. In the preparation of this book the author takes pleasure in expressing an appreciation of the criticism and helpful suggestions given by the Editor, Dr. Henry Suzzallo, under whose counsel, cooperation, and incentive the work grew. The author wishes also to make a general acknowledgment for the use of many books which of necessity would be consulted in organizing and standardizing any unit of literature. Special acknowledgment should be made for the use of Grimm's Household Tales, edited by Margaret Hunt, containing valuable notes and an introduction by Andrew Lang; of English Fairy Tales, More Eng lish Fairy Tales, Indian Fairy Tales, and Reynard the Fox, and their scholarly introductions and notes, by Joseph Jacobs; of Norse Tales and its full introduction, by Sir George W. Basent; of Tales of the Punjab and its Appendix, by Mrs. F. A. Steel; of the Uncle Remus Books, by J. C. Harris; of Fairy Tales, by Hans C. Andersen; of Fairy Mythology and Tales and Popular Fictions, by Thomas Keightley; of Principles of bit crary Criticism, by Professor C. T. Winchester, for its standards Of literature; Of English Composition, by Professor Barrett Wendell, for its standards of com position; of Professor John Dewey's classification of the child's instincts; and of the Kindergarten Review, containing many articles of current practice illustrat ing standards emphasized here.