A Stranger Among Us Understanding Sexual Addiction


Publisher: FriesenPress

Publication Date: July 08, 2015

ISBN: 9781460241790

Binding: Kobo eBook

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In A Stranger Among Us, Mr. Wilkie fearlessly confronts everything that most of us don't know or understand about sexual addiction. Whether this is your battle, or you have a loved one struggling with it, Darryl provides an honest, in-depth, first-hand account that is both professional and personal. In an era when addiction is a societal epidemic, here is an author who is not only prepared but equipped to throw out a lifeline. For not only does Darryl bravely share his own personal struggles, he also provides insightful recommendations from countless therapists and other professionals in the field. Sex addicts needs to read this book in order to discover the tools that will free them from the bondage of addiction and offer the hope needed to escape isolation. Friends, relatives and co-workers of a sex addict need to read the book in order to be empowered with constructive ways to help and offer love and support without judgment or condemnation. -Jo-Ann Schultz Early on in his book Mr. Wilkie writes: "It is not what we do that determines who we are; it is who we are that determines what we do." It has been my privilege to watch Darryl on this very difficult spiritual journey of recovery and discovery. Even though I have not battled with sexual addiction, the universal principles that he lays out in the book have opened the door to new discoveries and have enabled me to recognize that real change happens from the inside out. The depth of one's true identity will surface from this must read. -Corrina L Fischer Irrespective of people's opinions on addiction, Mr. Wilkie explains sexual addiction from both a personal and professional perspective. His holistic approach simultaneously addresses the body, soul, and spirit and gives a refreshing insight to the incredible raw journey of a sex addict and their need for a power greater than themselves. He provides many helpful resources, including a workbook section which allows the reader to work through the recovery ...